Digital grading tool

Grade Mark allows for digital grading and providing feedback by instructors. Instructors find different tools to give feedback and / or to give grades.
Instructors can ‘browse’ through all submitted papers and use these tools:

  • A library with re-usable comments that can be linked to papers by ‘drag-and-drop’ (Quick Marks): Feedback that is given repetitively can be stored in the library. This library can be shared with other instructors.
  • Rubric: a table that specifies for a number of criteria different performance levels. A rubric can be qualitative (to provide students feedback on their performance without giving a grade) or quantitative (then a grade is calculated from the scores of the rubric).
  • Grading Form: a form to specify performance criteria (but doesn’t specify different performance levels) and offers one column to provide feedback.
  • Open comments for general feedback, either in text or spoken (voice comment).

Marks can be calculated from a grading form or rubric, or can be filled in directly by the instructor.





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