Turnitin/Feedback Studio is an online tool that allows for:

  1. checking the similarity between submitted work and other resources. This can be used in teaching students to make responsible use of resources and to identify possible cases of plagiarism. This tool is called ‘Originality check’.
  2. teaching staff assessing students’ work digitally, using re-usable feedback comments, grading forms or rubrics. The marking tool is called ‘Grade Mark
  3. engaging students in peer reviewing each other’s work guided by criteria / questions imposed by the instructor. The peer review tool is called ‘Peer MarkNote: this tool is not operational in Brightspace now. We are working on a solution.

TU has integrated Turnitin/Feedback Studio in Brightspace.

The difference between Turnitin and Feedback Studio

Turnitin has changed its name to Feedback Studio in June 2016. Watch the video below to see what’s new.


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