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20 maart 2012 door ICTO TEAM
Adrien Ravon (Bk)

Research project aiming to develop a bottom-up approach of pedagogy through the use of online tools. Goal is to improve the studio workflow through the development of a collective platform for discussion, sharing, participation and collaboration.

Development of an online collaborative platform hosted on a wiki : WHYPEDIA. This platform should offer a way to organize, display and store our research. Through the Grassroots project, Whypedia will become a place to work, discuss and share our research in progress. By developing our wiki, we will explore its potentials and limits as a way to define our evolving needs. We will also extend our exploration to new online tools. The production of an online database, co-writing exercises, online discussions, online presentations, online planning, online tutorials… will boost and optimize our workflow. The Grassroots project will support design and research Master studios at The Why Factory (The Why Factory (T?F) is a chair of the faculty of architecture of the Delft University of Technology open to students from two tracks: architecture and urbanism).

The Grassroots project will improve our studio workflow through the use of ICT. By stimulating students participation, curiosity, responsibilities, initiatives and team spirit, we are inviting them to consider the exploration of new technologies as an opportunity to investigate different ways of learning, sharing and designing. We are also leading students to share interests and improve interaction with other disciplines in order to participate to pluridisciplinal projects.

The use of online tools has been helping us to identify more precisely our needs at several steps of our research. By keeping on exploring new tools, and analyzing their potentials and limitations, we have been trying to develop the understanding of testing and experimenting as part of educational process. We have been defending the idea to not push students to stick to only one tool, but rather to constantly explore new ones.

Here are few topics we developed during our project :

  • Adaptability, flexibility, from both students and teachers;
  • Being aware of new tools and new technologies evolution;
  • To define clearly our needs and find the right tool to answer it;
  • Online discussion, online expression;
  • Co-writing, co-editing;
  • Organization, schedule;  
  • Collective database, exchange of references, archiving;
  • Stimulating the group by monitoring the participation;
  • Stimulating the group by collective responsibilities;
  • Stimulating bottom up and proactive approach;
  • To extend the studio activity to a non-stop 24/24h from “inclass” to “online”;

More information

Docent: Adrien Ravon (Bk); emailadres: A.B.O.Ravon@remove-this.tudelft.nl
Jaargang: 2012-2013

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