Re-designing the Soil Mechanics course within the BSc programmes of Civil Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences

20 maart 2012 door ICTO Team
Philip Vardon (CiTG)

At present we are re-designing the Soil Mechanics course within the BSc programmes of Civil Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences.

In the past the course has been taught very traditionally, with only formal lectures and examination, which provides little support in terms of on-going learning and little feedback of progress to the lecturing staff.  There is also over 400 students in the course, which leads to challenges in terms of developing the learning environment, without undue increases in workload for the lecturing staff.  It is proposed to develop an electronic system of homework and guided self-study via an online system (e.g. Maple TA) which can be used to provided worked examples, tutorials, and practical implementation of the fundamental soil mechanics principles delivered in the lectures.  It is anticipated that this will lead to better knowledge of concepts, better ability to use concepts to solve engineering problems and a more robust learning process for the students.  In addition, it is hoped that this self-guided study/homework can result in feedback to the lecturer regarding the on-going learning of the students, i.e. which topics students are finding challenging. It is also proposed to trial concept tests using ‘clickers’ within the lectures to achieve the same aim, in real time in the lecture.

Wat wilt u hiermee bereiken in uw onderwijs (hoe sluit het aan bij een van de thema's)?
We aim to achieve significant progress in reinforcing learning via self-study and delivering this material electronically.  We believe that there is considerable benefit in motivating students and activating the learning process, through this process and also gaining feedback on the learning process during the lecture course.  In the main, this fits in with theme 1, but also contains aspects of themes 2 and 5.

Download the presentation (pdf) Phil Vardon gave about this project during the Grassroot Market June 2013.

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Docent:  Philip Vardon (CiTG); emailadres:
Jaagang: 2012-2013

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