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25 februari 2010 door ICTO TEAM
Dr. Maria Cuellar Soares (BT)

The students usually approach the Teaching Assistant or the lecturers for questions about assignments in an informal manner. This works well (the students get direct answer on their particular questions) but is not very efficient (many students run into the same problems, so one ends up explaining the same several times). I think a virtual Q&A session could enhance this process.

Innovatieve karakter van het project
For this course it is the first time that a tool for online collaboration is being used.

Gebruikte ICT middelen: Wimba virtual classroom, linked to the course site in Blackboard.

Op te leveren product

A tool with the following features:

  • Flexibility. It should be possible to plan a virtual Q&A session on short notice, upon the students request.
  • Interaction. It should be possible to share material on-line (for example, check the students notes and files, highlight or make comments).
  • If possible, record the session and make it available for other students or for revisiting it afterwards.

Omschrijving vak/ onderwijs: ‘Transport & Separation’ (LM3751). Compulsory course within the Biochemical Engineering track of the MSc program Life Science & Technology.

Start en looptijd project: Third period of the academic year 2010-2011.

Wat vindt u zelf een succesfactor in de uw Grassroot?
I became acquainted with Wimba virtual classroom and with some of the possibilities for online collaboration, as well with the support (both ICT and didactics) available at the TU.

Wat kan nog worden verbeterd?
The features required for this project were easily implemented in Wimba virtual classroom. I would like to explore other possibilities, for example, lectures with guests at other locations.

In hoeverre heeft ICT toegevoegde waarde gehad waarvoor u het ingezet heeft?
The platform used, Wimba virtual classroom, provided all features required for this project.

Wat vinden studenten van het product?
The students got easily acquainted with the tool. But because of the small class size most Q&A were handled face to face.

Welke twee tips kunt u geven aan collega-docenten?

  • Make use of the support available at the TU, not only for technical aspects but also for the didactics, especially if you do not have previous experience with online teaching. 
  • When starting with a new tool, make several trials before hand and have a back-up plan in case of technical fail

Meer informatie

Docent: Dr. Maria Cuellar Soares (BT); emailadres:
Jaargang: 2010-2011

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