Making papers/essays digitally available

20 maart 2012 door ICTO TEAM
Eric van den Ham (Bk)

Making students documents available and searchable within the TU Campus digitally

Project description
The course Smart & Bioclimatic Design (AR0531, AR0532)  is provided by the department of Architectural Engineering & Technology as part of the Technology in Sustainable Development Program (TiSD, TiDO).  

In this  course  students write a Designers’Manual or an essay on a topic in the field of sustainable building design. Over the years, there are already hundreds of these manuals and essays that are generally very instructive and useful for both students of this course and all other students and designers who are interested in sustainable building design. 
The documents are now partially available in Blackboard for other students but not indexed or searchable, so this valuable information for many students remains untraceable.

This procedure can be directly used for any other course to make students works available within  the TU Delft Campus.

Pdf containing more indepth information (goals & evaluation) 

Meer informatie

Docent: Eric van den Ham (Bk); emailadres:
Jaargang: 2012-2013

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