Interactive tutorial guide with Wimba to obtain interactivity and feedback.

20 maart 2012 door ICTO TEAM
Peter-Leon Hagedoorn (BT)

To get students acquainted with PyMol software a tutorial guide has been made interactive by using a Wimba module in Blackboard. Students can go forward on their own.

As part of the course “Advanced Enzymology “ (MSc Life Science & Technology) the students follow a short computer practical to get acquainted with PyMol software to visualize and analyse 3D structures of proteins. The students follow a tutorial guide to experience the most important features of PyMol. At the end of the practical they have to complete an assignment to show their capabilities.
The tutorial guide has been made interactive by using Wimba create to make a module in Blackboard (PyMol module). The PyMol programme runs independently, as it could not be embedded in the Blackboard module. The students have to answer questions, the scores are saved and the students receive feedback on their answers. This module can easily be expanded towards an adaptive learning module in order to provide more challenges to fast learners and more instruction to slower students.

By implementing the PyMol module, the students are less dependent on assistants during the practical course. They receive immediate feedback on their answers. Students will be able to progress in their own pace.

Although there are many possibilities using Wimba Create, simple things may prove to be very difficult. Especially the implementation in Blackboard was difficult. An old java-version on a computer can already cause problems. The teacher needs to persistently harass their ICTO coordinator to make sure the problems will be solved.

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Docent: Peter-Leon Hagedoorn (BT); emailadres:
Jaargang: 2012-2013

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