Online assistance in designing a digital portfolio

30 mei 2013 door ICTO TEAM
Nord-Jan Vermeer (BK)

Providing design assistance supported by ICT in the course “Digital Presentation Portfolio” (AR0051).

Project description
In this course, students learn how to create a digital portfolio, conceptually as well as technically. Currently, 18 students are allowed to participate per semester. The Faculty aims to increase this number to 60, which would imply a reduction in assistance per student. We would like to compensate the loss of personal attention with the aid of ICT. Peer review and polling could both be good alternatives. 

Besides still offering personal attention while the number of students increases, monitoring the progress and quality of the submitted work could be accomplished by digital means.

Previous situation:

  • Maximum of 18 students.
  • 1st quarter: 4 plenary lectures and 4 plenary workshops.
  • 2nd quarter: 16 consult sessions of 2 hours, free form: walk in as you please.

Changes and challenges:

  • Number of students from 18 to 60.
  • No increase in staffing.
  • Same level of personal attention, as this is the asset of this course.


  • Continued use of InfoBase for submission of interim products.
  • 1st quarter:
    -  4 plenary lectures (60 students);
    -  4x4 workshops (4x15 students);
    -  More emphasis on plan of approach.
  • 2nd quarter:
    -  8x4 consult sessions of 2 hours, scheduled to 10 minutes per student.


  • Workflow of submission and reviewing of products through InfoBase is efficient for 60 students.
  • Consult scheduler helps to plan the increased number of students.
  • Percentage of grading and excellence unchanged: respectively 45% and 7%.
  • Slightly higher stress on staff by more consults and thus more preparation time needed.
  • Reviewing your educational process keeps you sharp and connected.

    More information

    Head of section: Paul de Ruiter,
    Guest-teacher: Nord-Jan Vermeer,
    Support teacher: Henry Kiksen,
    Year: 2013-2014

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