Using Yammer to facilitate better communication

20 maart 2012 door ICTO TEAM
Pieter de Vries (TBM)

Using Yammer to facilitate better communication among students, teachers, companies and to augment the transparency of activities and achievements during the course.

Projectbeschrijving en evaluatie

This Grassroots project concerns the experiences with an authentic learning concept and the use of the social enterprise network Yammer to augment the communication and learning process. In a third year integrative bachelor course on Management in High Tech Organizations, students work in multidisciplinary teams on existing assignments from real companies. Part of the work in these companies is the use of social media platforms for internal communication. Yammer was introduced to mimic this situation: to facilitate better communication among students, their teachers and the companies.

We studied how the students experienced the authentic learning approach and the use of Yammer. The outcome shows that Yammer helped the teacher/coach, but did not very much inspire the student.

PDF containing more information

Meer informatie

Docent: Pieter de Vries (TBM); emailadresl:
Jaargang: 2012-2013




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