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20 maart 2012 door ICTO TEAM
Bernd Rieger (TN)

Introduce a "Clicker" system, e.g. from TurningPoint, during all lectures (14x4h). This will give students feedback about their knowledge level at every lecture.

This system gives the students the possibility to vote individually on multiple choice questions from the lecturer. It seems that this system can be integrated very easily into powerpoint. The TU Delft already has centrally Clicker systems that you can borrow. We think that  it would be a good idea if the students would have their personal Clicker to be able to give them bonus points for participation. For that we must lend the students the Clickers for the duration of the course.

Wat wilt u hiermee bereiken in uw onderwijs (hoe sluit het aan bij een van de thema's)?
By giving the students Clickers, they should be confronted every lesson actively with their knowledge. They get feedback, what they know and how they do compared to the rest of the class. During class they have the option to vote anonymously which  works better than handraising only. Furthermore, by giving them e.g. 1 bonus point for voting, and 2 for a correct answer and putting this into the final grade with a low weight they will not just guess answers.

Self evaluation: The integration of TurningPoint software with power point is nice, but only works for Windows. For Mac you need the standalone version, which is more cumbersome to work with from a presentation. Preparing the slides with the multiple choice questions was harder than anticipated. The questions need to balanced and answerable in 30sec. The distribution and collection of the Clickers must be clear to the students otherwise you miss some. I lost over the whole semester one Clicker. Will try it again next year, largest improvement will be the multiple choice questions and make more distinction between self and groups questions.

Student feedback: Students liked it. Main part: feedback nice, break from listening to doing soemthing. I asked at the end if the students would like to keep the Clickers or not. 60% was in favor, 30% against, 10% do not care. Some students found the questions not interesting or did not see the point.

Tips voor collega's
Using the Clicker system requires extra time during the lectures. Be clear if the students are to discuss the questions or think for themselves. You need to have well-prepared multiple choice questions. Asking questions at the beginning of a lecture about the content of the last lecture gives good feedback to the students and the teacher about the absorbed knowledge.

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