A web log is a website where the owner publishes personal entries or posts, which are ordered in a chronological way. Usually, reflections play a central role in a web log; reflections on general or new developments, but also personal reflections, considerations and contemplations. In this way, a web log forms a kind of online journal or log book.

In principle, the entries posted on a web log are public, but this can also be modified so that they are only visible to the author, or specific groups or people. The strength lies in the public nature of the posts: often it is also possible for readers give comments on the post, allowing interaction with the reader. 

Application in education

Writing together, collecting and sharing information on a certain (graduation) subject, course or technique. Employing a web log in this way can create a community/network.
Online logbook during an internship: Students and their (internship) supervisors will see each other less during the internship period. Students can use their web log to reflect on their experience during the internship. Both the supervisor at the internship location as the supervisor from the university can read the web log and respond to the posts of the student. In this way, both supervisors remain updated on the progress of their student, and each other’s guidance. 

Getting started

Want to start a blog, login to yourself and then create a blog instantly. Once you are logged in, you get a clear introduction on how to proceed.

If you want to get started on a web log for your course, please contact E-learning support.  

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