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Turningpoint / Responseware

Turning point is a Student Respons System (SRS)

Turning point is a system which allows students to participate actively in class, by giving responses to polls. This system, by Turning Technologies, fully integrates with Microsoft Powerpoint, and allows students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a keypad/clicker or any device with internet connection.

Teachers can make a reservation at ELS, and subsequently pick up a set of clickers and a receiver, so that they can use these in their classes. In this reservation you tell us when you will need the clickers or online accounts, and how many you will require. On the day itself (or otherwise agreed), you can pick up the set at ELS. When you are finished you can hand in the set again.

You can also contact ELS for online presenter-accounts so students can use their mobile device. In this reservation please give us your TU Delft email for registration and the lecture room & numbers of students that intend to participate. This latter is to check the network capacity.

The set is accompanied by a short manual.

On the webpage of Turning Technologies, under 'Support' you can find product training and other Guides and Manuals. On this website you will also find the software you need to make an interactive PowerPoint. Note: Make sure you download the right software! See our QRC. If you are using the old receiver (RRRF-01), then use this QRC. Unfortunately, Mac is not fully supported, please contact ELS.

There is also an extensive Brightspace course called 'using Turning Point/Response Ware', which contains a lot of information on the usage of Turning Point. Here you can see how Prof. Eric Mazure actively involves his students in his class my means of the clickers.


A QRC using Brightspace integration can be found here. With Brightspace integration it is possible to download a participant list from your course and upload grades automatically from Turningpoint to the Gradecenter in Brightspace.

Application in education

 Interaction between instructors and students during classes is improved by using TurningPoint. But it can also stimulate discussion among students.

Getting started

The voting boxes can be booked through E-Learning Support. 
Are you using laptops, tablets or smartphones of the students? Than the software for creating the slides and analyzing the answers is sufficient. For assistance you can always contact E-Learning Support

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