Sonate, short for the Dutch 'Schriftelijke ondersteuning en analyse van tentamens', is the system with predefined forms, which allows multiple choice tests to be analysed and processed quickly.

Automatic correction of multiple choice tests
Because of the automatic processing of the forms, multiple choice exams can be corrected automatically, which vastly reduces the correction time. The forms are processed at Education and Student Affairs (O&S). For more information see scanning procedure.

Improving the quality of the exam and the questions
In addition, Sonate provides analysis-software. This application is available without cost and provides insight in the quality of the test items and the exam as a whole, because of item analysis and test analysis.

Multiple choice forms
Sonate uses standard multiple choice forms. It supports different kinds of multiple choice set-ups, and it also supports having different versions of an exam. Multiple answers can be marked as correct during processing. However, the student can only check one answer during the test.

More information
If you have questions first visit the FAQ page. For questions regarding the operation of Sonate, and for direct support, you can contact ELS: Tel. 015 27 89194.


Application in education

Sonate is mostly used for testing the level of knowledge for large groups of students. The processing time is minimized, and the quality analysis of a test is instantly available. 

Getting started

  • Would you like training on how to create good multiple choice questions? Please consult the workshop calendar  of OC Focus.
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