Secured assessment environment

Exams are taken under supervision to prevent fraud. The same holds for digital exams, except that using a computer introduces a multitude of ways to commit fraud. This is the reason a secured environment is build, within which exams and computer assignments can be offered.

The environment blocks communication to the outside world, reduces the availability of applications, and limits access to folders in which the assignments are saved only.

Application in education

Computer skills can be tested under different circumstances. This is supposed to happen in a computer room and in close agreement with ICT.

Digitale exams in MapleTA can be taken on note books as well as desktop computers. Currently there are two locations available where large groups can take exams: PMB-hall (225 pc's) and Drebbelweg room 2 (250 laptops). Smaller computer rooms, that can be 'converted' into digital exam rooms, are available at each faculty.

Getting started

Want to get started with the secured environment ? Please, at the start of the term, contact  the Testing Coordinatorto discuss the possibilities. The Testing Coordinator can be contacted via E-learning Support.

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