Scorion is a web based tool, where students assess each other’s role in the group process. The instructor designs a questionnaire, based on this the students assess each other and give feedback. Scorion takes care of the whole logistic process: creating the questionnaires, sending the forms to students within a project group, sending out a reminder and finally creating the report.

Groups can be synchronized from Brightspace, but they can also be created and managed within Scorion. The instructor will receive a group report, while the students receive a personal report. 

Application in education

Peer evaluation is used more and more in group assignments. This evaluation gives the instructor more insight into what is going on in the project group.

Getting started

  • Want to get started with Scorion? Please contact E-learning Support (ELS). Zij kunnen voor uw vak een Scorion omgeving aanmaken. Online manuals you can find here.
  • Want more support or specific advice? Apply for a Quick Educational Consult (Dutch: Snel Onderwijs Consult (SOC) ). Send an email to  and  talk with an educational professional about your question.
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