OSIRIS is the system of educational administration at TU Delft. Here the student can register for courses and exams, and grades are being published.

  • 8 weeks before the examination date the enrollment opens (therefor 6 weeks to register)
  • Exam dates are fixed, no later than the first Monday after the last exam block. 
  • Locations will be determined no later than one week before the examination date. Teachers can from that moment also find the location in the planning
  • Osiris can be found in Blackboard: My Student Info/ My Staff Info

Application in education

Getting started

My course is not listed in Osiris!

If your course is not listed in OSIRIS please contact the student administration (SSC-O&S).
BK-TBM-IO       015 27 89825
TNW-EWI          015 27 89826
CiTG-LR-3mE  015 27 89827

Where can I find information about my exams (date&time, location, registered students)
All locations for exams are final 1 week before the exam takes place!
A manual with FAQ about exams for teaching staff you find here .

We have a Quick Reference Card for you available: QRC-Osiris.pdf (Quick Reference Card OSIRIS Docent/Begeleider (NL versie))
There is a Dutch manual available: Handleiding OsirisD and English manual: Manual OSIRIS Lecturer.
Use the links below to view a video tutorial on the subject of your choice.

Contact E-Learning Support.

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