Open educational resources or open educational materials are educational materials which are publicly (usually through the internet) available for everyone, worldwide, without having to ask the owner for permission. This free use is often bound to a number of conditions however. For instance, permission has to be granted for commercial use.

Since 2007, the TU Delft publishes educational materials as OpenCourseWare: teaching resources are available on the Internet, organized as a full course. Because the lecture slides, Collegerama-recordings, literature and assignments are publicly available, anyone within and outside the TU Delft can, to a certain extent, take the course online. However, OpenCourseWare does not offer guidance or interactions with instructors, no certificate or diploma, and no right of access to the university. You are restricted to only the teaching material. 

Education visible and accessible

TU Delft OpenCourseWare: Vrij toegankelijk onderwijsmateriaal:

In this way however, the accessibility of information increases. People who cannot register at TU Delft can study the contents of a number of courses.

In addition, the education of the TU Delft is more visible. Prospect students can see what education at the TU Delft looks like. At the same time, OpenCourseWare provides the opportunity to explore education of other degree programs, which enables broadening and deepening of knowledge.
Lecture recordings which are published through OpenCourseWare, are also available on iTunes U , and the TU Delft Youtube channel.

Freely accessible, under conditions

Material published through OpenCourseWare may be (re)used, rearranged and redistributed without permission. A number of conditions apply however. For instance, the material cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission. Apart from this, when reusing the material, you are obligated to reference the original author and you have to reuse the shared and/or edited material under the same conditions. The TU Delft uses a Creative Commons license  for OpenCourseWare. 

Getting started

Instructors of the TU Delft can publish their teaching material as OpenCourseWare. To do so, please contact the TU Delft OpenCourseWare team:

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