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Maple TA

In MapleTA you can create and manage you digital tests. Besides the well-know multiple choice questions there are several other possibilities: numeric, matching, formula, sketching, maple graded and free body diagram questions. These questions are automatically graded by MapleTA. You can also save time by randomizing your questions. An infinite amount of questions can be generated with the same level of difficulty but with different content.

MapleTA can be used in a homework/practice setting or in an official exam setting. MapleTA has a Gradebook where you can manage and/or export the scores of all students or all questions, but also of one student or one question. Item analysis is also possible.

Application in education

On the TU Delft Campus we have installed two MapleTA settings:

  1. Homework and practice tests (formative tests) are offered via Brightspace. Students are automatically logged on to MapleTA when they click on a testlink in Brightsapce. Their scores are visible in Brightspace Grades.
  2. Official exams (summative tests) are offered in an extra secured environment. During exams E-invigilators with MapleTA knowledge are present in the PC-rooms.

Getting started

  1. When you want to get started with Maple TA in a homework/practice setting, please contact Brightspace support
  2. When you want to get started with Maple TA in an official exam setting, please contact the exam coordinators of Digital Exams ( They will help you with the steps to make your digital exam run smoothly.

Want to know more?

In the menu on the left you’ll find more information on MapleTA.

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