The FeedbackFruits platform, integrated in Blackboard with single-sign on, consists of three tools:


Live is an addition to PowerPoint that has been created to increase interaction during lectures. It allows teachers to add open and multiple-choice questions to their presentations that students can answer via smartphones, tablets or laptops. Students can also ask questions and indicate their level of understanding.


Dialog allows students to transparently discuss issues they are struggling with and learn from that process. Each course has a specific ‘wall’ where students can share their questions and thoughts on lecture topics. The questions students have posted during a Live lecture are also sent to Dialog to stimulate an on-going discussion outside the lecture hall.


Share is the classes’ file sharing place that’s integrated with Dropbox. Students can upload course materials and share OpenCourseWarethat will help them to understand the subject better. But above all, it gives students the opportunity to discuss all the study material and clear up any confusion that might arise. It is up to the teacher to decide his own level of participation, from occasional observation to actively “approving” and discussing material.

Getting started

Are you interested in using one or all of the interactive tools for your class? We would be happy to give you a small workshop to show you how to integrate FeedbackFruits into your course. Please email us at:

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