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A smart-board or a digital blackboard (digi-board) can be viewed as a digital version of the classical blackboard. The advantage of a smart board is that it uses the possibilities of a computer, and apart from the writing and drawing option, also offers a number of projection possibilities. The somewhat older smart board have the disadvantage that there is some delay between writing on the board and the projection. However, in the new generation of smart-boards this is has practically vanished. 

Application in education

Involving students in class: Using a smart board can have a stimulating effect because of its interactive possibilities. It is easy and quick to use images or videos, formulas can be solved together, internet can be consulted classically, etc. 

Getting started

Not every classroom is equipped with smart-boards, if you would like to use one, please discuss this with the schedule makers.
For an instruction on how to use digi-boards, please contact ELS or Piet van der Zanden.

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