What is ConTest?

ConTest is a software based solution to facilitate the process of processing paper-based exams using answer sheets. (Used to be Sonate)

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Do you need a ConTest account?


If you want to use ConTest as a tool to grade and analyse your test results you will need a ConTest account.
Mail to to receive a ConTest account and add the following information:
o    Programme / Opleiding   
o    Course code / Vakcode   
o    Title course / Titel vak   
o    Name  instructor / Naam docent

! You will have to create your new tests in ConTest yourself.


If you only want to use the ConTest outcome (data file) of your test and analyse it in a different application than ConTest you will not need an ConTest account:
! The ESA-desk will create your new tests.
! You must use a key form for your tests

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