Collagerama is used to record classes given by the TU Delft. The recording includes a video image of the speaker, and a registration of the screen which shows the presentation or the digital blackboard of Collegerama. In the recording, both the speaker and the computer image are displayed simultaneously. However, it is also possible to show only the speaker or the computer image.

Recorded lectures will be posted in Brightspace. Afterwards, the recordings can be edited, cropped or chopped up so the essence of the story is more prominent. These edited recordings can in turn be converted to a vodcast, which can be viewed with an iPod.  

Recordings can also be broadcasted live. In this case, the images are also available outside the TU Delft. The speaker must have given permission for this.

The recordings can be published outside the borders of the TU Delft through iTunes U or through  OpenCourseWare.

For more information see the manuals on the My Media site.

Application in education

  • Integral recording of a lecture: Students can view the recordings at any given time. This is especially used when preparing for exams. Lectures can be played at higher speeds.
  • Video instructions are short (studio) recordings which highlight a specific topic. These can be used as preparation for a meeting, or to explain difficult topics.

Getting started

  • Do you want you lecture to be recorded please contact Collegerama.
  • If you would like some tips on giving a presentation, please read the brochure  'Help I'm being recorded' . In this guide you will find tips, procedures and more information on the recording of lectures with Collegerama. The guide is available in Dutch and English.
  • How to embed a video of Collegerama in Brightspace , see our QRC.
  • If you have questions on how Collegerama can effectively be used, please contact OC Focus for a 'Quick Eductation Consult', or Snel Onderwijs Consult (SOC).
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