Blackboard Video

Blackboard Video


To handle and record video in Blackboard there are four different ways to place videos within blackboard and in this manual we will go over them one by one. These are the following methods:

- Video-Everywhere

When you want to record yourself and publish it in Blackboard, there are several ways to do this.
The easiest way of getting an embedded recording in Blackboard is by using ‘VideoEverywhere’ in de ‘Content Editor’ of Blackboard. 

 - Embed a video


When you have a video on your computer which you want to be embedded in Bb you have to follow these steps:
-Go to the ‘Build content’ section and select ‘video’
-Browse for your Video on your computer (do not use the ‘content collection’, for there’s a bug which prevents a proper selection).

Last step: Submit
This function is also available in the text editor when you create an item. 

- BbCollaborate


When you don’t want to use YouTube for this, you can record in Blackboard
Go to your Course or organization in Blackboard and search for ‘Tools’ > Blackboard Collaborate.

You will be redirected to the BbC list page where you can create sessions and see your recordings. 

- Mashup 


BB collaborate can also be found in the mashup section within the text editor of Blackboard. In this section, you can record a youtube video, upload an existing video and start working with rights management. It is easy to import a YT-video (Mashup) in Blackboard.

They will automatically be embedded if you use ‘mashup’ in the content editor. 

Getting started

  • See our QRC for more information. 
  • If you have any questions about Videos in Blackboard, you can also contact  E-Learning Support.
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