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Blackboard Tests, Surveys and Pools

With the ‘ Tests, Surveys and Pools ‘ module in Blackboard, you can create, give and manage tests or questionnaires. Using this module is intended for practice tests or ‘homework assignments’ *. The test module can automatically check multiple choice and numerical questions. With numerical questions, every student can get their own parameter set, which makes simply copying someone else’s answers impossible. In making a survey, the question type ‘lickert scale’ can be used too. Click here for an overview of all available questions types in Blackboard. For more information with setting up tests, the Blackboard Help page is a relative good source of information. 

By making use of question pools, the instructor can group questions based on subject. A test can easily be composed by using the questions pool. It is possible to compose a test, in which every student gets their own question set which has been randomly pulled from the questions pool. A question pool can be shared with others by exporting it. The link between the original and the copy will then be broken. This test module of Blackboard has very limited possibilities for item analysis however.

An alternative to this module is MapleTA. For practice tests, MapleTA is accessible from within Blackboard.

* For digital exams we direct you to the assessment system MapleTA, which is offered in a secured environment.

Application in education

Practice tests and homework assignments help students in studying. The assignments should be provided with written or oral feedback, so the student can get insight in their own study results. Moreover, this will cause students to take this practice opportunity more seriously. 

Getting started

The test module is standard within Blackboard. You can find the module under ‘Course Tools’. By making use of  Pools, you can group questions based on subject. Then, you can compose a Test using questions from these Pools.

This is a manual QRC for creating a test in Blackboard.

By making use of the 'adaptive release'  you can create the tests beforehand in Blackboard, and make them automatically available at the right time or under the right conditions, for instance based on previously obtained results.

For practical questions on using the Tests, Surveys and Pools module, please contact  E-learning Support.

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