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Blackboard Self- & Peer Assessment

The Self and Peer Assessment module in Blackboard is intended to have students assess their own or each other’s work. The assignment can be composed of multiple assignments, to which criteria for the assessment are coupled. So the first step in the peer assessment process is that students have to hand in their assignment before a set deadline. After this deadline, the assignments will be distributed randomly among the students who are enrolled in the course, after which students will receive – possible anonymously - the assignments of another student to review (or assess). A the end of the line the instructor can have a look at both the submissions and the reviews, and optionally download these.

This module takes over all logistics from the instructor;  passing out the assignments, taking them in, redistributing them, and collecting the feedback.  So the instructor can focus on creating a qualitatively sound assignment and review of the peer evaluations.

These assessments are easily saved and reusable for other courses.


Application in education

  • Students assess each other’s work. By using an assessment template, which the instructor has linked to the assignment beforehand, students can assess each other’s work. By ticking Self Assessment, students can also assess their own work.

Getting started

Hire you will find a Quick Reference Card for Self & Peer Assessment.

    • Self- and Peer Assessment is available in the Control Panel in the menu-item ‘Course Tools’
    • On the help page van Blackboard, you can find an elaborate description and a number of instructions on how you can set up Self and Peer Assessment
    • If you need any help setting up Self and Peer Assessment for your course, please contact  E-Learning Support
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