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Save assign makes it possible to check text files submitted by students for plagiarism. The system checks if words and (parts of) sentences in the text fully or partionally match existing source material. The Save Assignment will be matched with source material in:

  • An extensive index of publicly accessible documents on the internet
  • The ProQuest ABI/ Inform database, containing over 1100 publications and approximately 2.6 million papers starting from the ’90. This database is exclusively accessible for Blackboard and is updated weekly.
  • Institutional document archives. Uploaded documents are automatically added to the TU Delft archive. Added documents are exclusively accessible per institute. This means that Blackboard users of Leiden University cannot compare their documents to documents which are added to the document archive in the TU Delft Blackboard environment.
  • The Global Reference database contains documents which have been voluntary submitted by students in order to prevent plagiarism. This database is available for Blackboard users from other institutes, in order to prevent inter-institutional plagiarism.

Per selection of possible plagiarism, the likelihood plagiarism is displayed (in percentages) for the inspected part of the text.  The sources with which the text overlaps are also displayed. Please note that the check is purely based on  text, not based on interpretations. For each section, the instructor still has to determine on the content  whether one can speak of plagiarism. The plagiarism suggestion can be dismissed per text section, after which the check can be repeated. The dismissed text sections are no longer included in the audit.

In setting up the Save Assignment, the instructor can indicate if the student can hand in a draft version. Both the student and the instructor can then check the text for plagiarism, but the text will not be added to a database. A final version of the text will be stored in the institutional database, and the student can indicate whether the text will also be added to the global reference database.

The instructor can decide per document that’s handed in if the text will be deleted from the database, for instance when the student has accidentally handed in  the wrong version of their work. The student however can only hand in a document once. Only after the instructor has re-released the Save Assignment can the student submit a new version. In this way, abuse of the anti-plagiarism software is prevented.

The submitted work and the result of the scan can be viewed in the Grade Center, but also through the Save Assign module in the Control Panel. Through this last option the instructor can download all the submitted documents at once.

In addition, all instructors have the ‘Direct Submit’ option. Teachers can use this to check their own documents for plagiarism and add them to the institutional database.

Application in education

Apart from plagiarism detection, Safe Assign can also be used to track fraud in assignments. For instance of students who have (partly) copied their work from others. Save assign can also be used to scan documents which have not been submitted through a Save Assignment.

Getting started

Want to know more about the backgrounds of citations, references and plagiarism? Please read the information on the website van de TU Delft Library.

Here you can find more information.

Need support in working with Safe Assign? Please contact E-Learning Support

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