Blackboard Portfolio

A portfolio is an instrument which displays the unique development of a student, or at least the results of that development.

The Blackboard Portfolio system is standard available for all students. Students create the portfolio on their own, and determine with whom the portfolio is shared. Apart from personal information such as a resume or a personal development plan, they can also include for instance course assignments, work- and study goals, grade overviews, reports, research projects and publications. Students collect their data and share it with others. This data can be added to the portfolio by using a link from the Content System.

Blackboard as a number of templates to design the portfolio. A setting can be used to add templates. Because of the template, the portfolio will be created with a certain structure.  The student can then add or delete information how they see fit. There is a wizard available to create a portfolio.

Students can export their portfolio from Blackboard, so it will remain available after they graduate.

Application in education

The E-Portfolio can be used in three ways, namely:

  • as development/-coaching portfolio, to keep track of a students development and assist them.
  • as assessment portfolio, to assess the progress in the development of the student
  • as showcase portfolio, with which the student can present themselves based on their competencies.

Getting started

You can directly begin to create a Blackboard portfolio by checking our Quick Reference Card. The basic portfolio in blackboard is the standard portfolio which is also supported by E-Learning Support.

In the Blackboard Portfolio, you can provide students with a standard layout (template), which can help your students in gradually building an E-portfolio. E-Learning Support (ELS) can assist you in this.

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