Blackboard Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard gives the instructor an overview of all user activities within the course. The dashboard shows the list of users with column wise information about their activities, such as:

  • the time they last visited the course
  •  which documents they marked as ‘reviewed’
  • the number of contributions to the discussion forum
  • the adaptive release course components which are visible for that user
  • the number of messages which have been sent to the user through the Early Warning System
  • A hyperlink to the grades of the student

Application in education

The Performance Dashboard is very well suitable to monitor progress of the activities students perform in the Blackboard course. In combination with the Early Warning System in Blackboard, you can let students know about their progress

Getting started

  • The Performance Dashboard is available in every course in the Control Panel, under the  ‘ Evaluation’ menu item.
  • Want to know more about the Performance Dashboard? Please consult the help-page within Blackboard about this subject, or take a look at this short video.
  • Manual Blackboard Notification Dashboard
  • If you have any questions about the Performance Dashboard, you can also contact  E-Learning Support.
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