Blackboard IM

Blackboard IM (Instant Messaging) is a tool which can be used outside of Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate. It has to be installed separately and can be used outside of Blackboard. In Blackboard IM you can however call functionalities which belong to Blackboard Collaborate (such as a shared whiteboard, videoconferencing).  

Application in education

Students can easily collaborate and communicate online with the help of this application. Bb IM takes over the group structure on the Blackboard courses in which the student is enrolled. The functionality is otherwise identical to the  Blackboard Collaborate.

Get started

Blackboard IM requires the download of a stand-alone application. The software is only available for Windows and Mac OS X. To download the software, you need to log in to Blackboard and use the download link in the Blackboard IM module, availabe under the My Student Info/My Staff Info tab.("Get BbIM"). Your Faculty 'Servicepoint' can push this to your computer.

Here you can find a manual and a Quick Reference Card.

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