Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate makes it possible to communicate and collaborate online. This tool is integrated in Blackboard.

The application is initialized in Blackboard an combines audio, video, chat and a presentation function (interactive whiteboard or slideshow) in one screen. Participants in the sessions can raise their hand or can join by drawing on the whiteboard. The entire session can be recorded, where the participants can be made anonymous.

The recordings can be stored within blackboard, but can also be viewed on mobile phones or placed in the ItunesU.

screenshot Bb Collaborate

Application in education

  • Online lecturing is very feasible because of the interactive options. This can serve as an alternative when face-to-face contact is difficult.
  • Online Office Hour. Because the presentation function can also be used to show (part of) the desktop of the participant, Bb Collaborate can also be used to get assistance in performing certain actions on the computer. E-learning support for instance uses this option to help instructors and students to find their way in an application.

Getting started

Blackboard Collaborate is by default accessible in every  Blackboard course or organization. For more information a course on Blackboard is provided called "Working with Wimba"

This tutorial  shows you how to sart a webconference.



Quick Reference Card for Blackboard IM

  • Want to know more about educational tips about online collaboration? Ask for a Quick Educational Consult at OC Focus
  • More questions about the tool? Please contact E-Learning Support.
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