Adaptive Release

Every content element in blackboard can be equipped with Adaptive Release. This means that the contact will available only after predetermined conditions have been met. A combination of conditions can also be chosen.

  • Date: The content will become available at a certain time and date (can also include an end date)
  • User or group membership:  The content is only available for certain students or certain groups.
  • Score: The content will be made available if the student has obtained a certain mark on a previous test or assignment within the course
  • Review status: The content will be made available as soon as the student has marked a particular item within the course as read / reviewed.

When certain content must be made available for various groups under various conditions, the ‘Advanced Adaptive Release’  can be used. In this way, tailored learning trajectories can be offered.

Application in education

The instructor can post homework assignments at the beginning of the course, and they will only be made visible if certain criteria of the Adaptive Release are met.

Self study learning trajectories can offer increase or decrease the number of exercises to the student using Adaptive Release


Getting started

Take a look at this short video on setting up Adaptive Release content in Blackboard 


Do you need help in setting up the Adaptive Release? Please contact E-Learning Support.

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