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The digital learning environment Blackboard supports the organization of education, and studying within the TU Delft. For every course in the curriculum there is a Blackboard course available. Instructors set up their Blackboard courses annually and make these available to students who are enrolled in the course. Blackboard is accessible using netID.

In this way instructors can keep in touch with students (through email, chat, or announcements), but they can also monitor progress (through the Early Warning System) and return results (through the feedback or performance dashboard functions). In addition, Blackboard also offers the possibility to give tests and (group) assignments.

Within a blackboard course, students can for instance find the required course materials, the calendar for the course, and grades for assignments, but they can also make tests, or make and submit group assignments, and collaborate with each other.

In short, the digital learning environment Blackboard offers both students and instructors various possibilities to support, organize and shape the education- and learning process. The introductory presentation for students shows the basic functions and shows how you can quickly get started.

Application in education

Every real-life course also has a Blackboard course. The instructor uses this course to communicate about the course through email messages or announcements. However, Blackboard also contains a number of modules, such as peer assessment, assignments and discussion forum, which instructors can use in their courses as they choose. For teachers; Read our quick reference card for setting up a course. In the next pages, different modules will be further explained.

Getting started

E-learning Support offers assistance on working with Blackboard.

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