Student involvement in lectures

Flip your classroom!

30 May 2013
Angelo Simone (CEG)

Improving the MSc course “Introduction to slender structures” (CIE4190) by implementing the so-called “flipped classroom” model. By letting students work on the lecture material by themselves, at home and prior to the lecture, full classroom time can be used to consolidate their understanding, help them acquiring problem-solving skills, and clarify unclear learning material.Continue


Knowledge clips and interactive platform for methodologies in urbanism

30 May 2013
Roberto Rocco (AR)

Platform built together with national and international partners for the MSc course “Methodology for Urbanism” (AR2U090).Continue


Upgrade to an interactive course

30 May 2013
Bernhard Brandl (TNW)

“Introduction to Astronomy” (TN1751) is an elective course for first year students. The course topics range from the fundamental processes in stars and galaxies to recent “hot topics”, such as exoplanets and dark energy. The participation of more than 80 students from several faculties reflects the great interest in this topic.Continue


Developing small flexible loggers for student projects

20 March 2012
Bas Flipsen (IDE)

This project was carried out in close cooperation with DEMO (Ben Schelen) and the Applied Labs of IDE (Martin Verwaal). It was coordinated by Bas Flipsen (IDE, Design for Sustainability). Continue

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