Stimulate self study

Scansistant: an app for mobile learning using Near Field Communication

19 May 2014

This summer, two EWI students Dino Hensen and Tim Ypeij worked on developing an Android app for TU Delft to provide online instruction and information on the use of a machine someone is standing in front of.Continue


Flip your classroom!

30 May 2013
Angelo Simone (CEG)

Improving the MSc course “Introduction to slender structures” (CIE4190) by implementing the so-called “flipped classroom” model. By letting students work on the lecture material by themselves, at home and prior to the lecture, full classroom time can be used to consolidate their understanding, help them acquiring problem-solving skills, and clarify unclear learning material.Continue


Video tutorials for use in BSc and MSc courses

30 May 2013
Iemkje Ruiter (IDE)

Part of both the first year BSc course “Mens en Product” (IO1021) and the elective MSc course “Elementary Ergonomics” (IO1027ZI) is teaching students to measure the proportions of the human body using simple tools, like tape measures and rulers.Continue


Using the Galaxy Note as a blackboard

30 May 2013
Mark Bakker (CiTG)

Replacing the traditional blackboard by an iPad in the course “Geohydrology 1” (CIE4420). By doing this, the disadvantages of the traditional blackboard are eradicated, while the advantages are maintained. So far, the experiences are satisfactory.Continue


Knowledge clips and interactive platform for methodologies in urbanism

30 May 2013
Roberto Rocco (AR)

Platform built together with national and international partners for the MSc course “Methodology for Urbanism” (AR2U090).Continue


Automated test and examination system

30 May 2013
Ronald B.J. Brinkgreve (CEG)

For the purpose of the course “Behaviour of Soils and Rocks” (CIE4361), we provide additional digital material on Blackboard. This allows students to experiment with material models for soil and rock on their own. The next step would be the development of an automated test and examination system.Continue


Using Maple TA in preparing for a practicum

30 May 2013
Harrie Olsthoorn (EEMCS)

Taking a practice test through Maple TA to assist students in their preparation for a practicum in the course “Electrical machines and drives” (ET3026wb).Continue


Developing an online course: students can study anytime, anywhere

30 May 2013
Gillian N. Saunders-Smits (L&R)

“Research Methodology” (AE4010) is a compulsory course in the MSc curriculum of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Many students would benefit from an online edition, so that they can study anytime, anywhere.Continue


Online assistance in designing a digital portfolio

30 May 2013
Nord-Jan Vermeer (BK)

Providing design assistance supported by ICT in the course “Digital Presentation Portfolio” (AR0051).Continue


Remotely controlled experiment

30 May 2013
Bas Heijman (CEG)

Part of the course “Drinking Water Treatment” (CIE4475) is an experiment in which membrane filtration is studied. The experiment is exemplary for some important mechanisms in reverse osmosis.Continue


Teaching how to draw through instructional videos

30 May 2013
Eddy van den Bos (AE)

The provision of instructional videos (sketching and 3D CAD) to the students of the “Engineering Drawing” course (LR AE1111-II). This means making the videos and choosing the most efficient way of making them available to the students based on the tools and ICT infrastructure of the university. The videos are intended as a tool both in the classroom and beyond.Continue


Advanced practice in statistics by using online assignments

30 May 2013
Dr. A.J. Cabo (EWI)

Digital assignments and with multiple choice tests in Maple TA for the course “Advanced Statistics” (TW3540), in order to encourage students to achieve a higher level of insight into the matter.Continue

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