Periodic online testing through Maple TA

30 May 2013
Nick van de Giesen (CEG)

Development of online exams that will be taken frequently during the BSc course “Inleiding Watermanagement” (CT3011).Continue


Reliable online test

30 May 2013
Peter-Leon Hagedoorn (TNW)

Development of an online test for the course “Biochemistry 2” (LB2511) allowing students to earn a bonus that will be added to their final exam mark.Continue


Weekly tests through Blackboard

30 May 2013
Annetje Guedon (3mE)

Currently, the the course “Anatomy and Physiology” (BM1107) is examined at the end of the semester. Most students postpone studying until the very last moment. Because it is impossible to digest the extensive amount of study material in such a short period, many of them fail the exam.Continue


Web based method for self-evaluation and gaining essential knowledge

30 May 2013
Prof. Dr. P.L.J. Zitha (CEG)

Replacing convergence courses by a web based self-testing and knowledge development system in the MSc programme of "Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences".Continue


Self-testing through Maple TA

20 March 2012
Martin van Gijzen (EWI)

Creating simple self-tests in Maple TA in order to improve study behaviour within the course Differential Equations (WI2029LR).Continue


Automating the process of reviewing drawings

20 March 2012
Ruud Visser (3mE)

In the past, students used to produce handmade drawings (A4 size) for the course “Integral Design Project, Part 2D Design” (WBTP115-09 D1). Having 500 participants and less time per teacher, it was no longer possible to review all the paper work.Continue


Het automatisch nakijken van afleidingen

07 August 2014
Sape Miedema (3mE)

This content is only available in Dutch.Continue

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