Learning Analytics

By using the MAIS project, the TU Delfts want to make use of Measuring, Analyzing, Informing and Steering, to investigate whether study results can be improved by tackling students’ procrastination by using the Early Warning System (EWS). The EWS, available in Blackboard (Bb), aids the instructor in monitoring the progress of the students. By setting a number of criteria, the instructor can generate an overview of students who are lagging behind. The instructor can then opt to warn those students in a simple way. With the help of a number of scenarios, we want to investigate with which types of courses and with which boundary conditions the EWS can be used to improve communication between instructors and students about progress, and reduce procrastination.  

Learning Analytics Pilot

  • Want to know how active students are in your Blackboard Course? 
  • Want to be more involved in the progress students make in your course? 
  • Do you have a Blackboard Course that is suitable for measuring progress (weekly content, assignments and/or tests) in the 4th term? 

Then we’re looking for you for the pilot Learning Analytics! 

What we expect of you:

  • Having a look at your BB course together, and see if and where we can set criteria for progress 
  • Execute a progress-check a number of times in the 4th term, and send warnings to students who seem to be lagging behind (easy to do by using the Early Warning System) 
  • A final meeting to evaluate the project 

What we can offer you:

  • Guidance on the actions that have to be taken 
  • Projects hours can be claimed n
  • Estimated time is 10 hours (preparation, execution and evaluation)  

Ir. Ellen Zillig-Straatman

Ellen is functional manager of Blackboard, the TU Delft weblog system, and of Eesysoft.  Additionally, she’s investigating the possibilities of Learning Analytics  to help students improve their studying process. 
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