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A major bottleneck in the bachelor programs of the TU Delft is the low study success rate. In order to improve this, the memo ‘Steering towards  study success’ has been released in September 2011, in which a number of measures is described to improve the success rate of the bachelor programs. In line with the curriculum revisions the Bachelor programs have started after the memo Steering towards study success, the Bachelor program Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management, through a tender, has been selected to realize the study success aims by means of a thoughtful, integral use of ICT in education.

This projects results in a Blended bachelor’s program for the Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management Program, and as such forms a Best Practice for other programs. Ultimately, this projects aims at increasing the study success rate within the Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management Bachelor program, and at innovation of the curriculum.  At the same time the program gains experience with curriculum wide use of blended learning.

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Sofia Dopper is project manager of the overall project. The project runs Januari 2012 - September 2016. In September 2013, the first courses will be offered online.

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