E-Merge Blended Learning

The E-merge consortium  has started a program evolving around Blended learning in 2012. Every e-merge institution conducts a pilot project within this program. At the TU Delft, this is the digital transfer minor Mechanical Engineering.

The 3ME faculty offers this transfer minor to Higher Professional education (HBO) students, who are not yet graduated, and want to enroll in the Mechanical Engineering master program. Increasingly less students opt for this option, because it is virtually impossible to combine this transfer minor with the regular HBO education, due to roster difficulties.

By digitalizing the courses in the transfer minor as much as possible, and applying online educational methods, a more flexible trajectory is created which can largely be followed from a distance. Because of this, the accessibility is increased tremendously. In time, the aspiration is to replace the regular transfer trajectory for graduated HBO-students, which largely overlaps with the transfer-minor. The aim is that the course (30 EC in total) will all be converted to a blended form in January 2014. 


Want to know more?

  • Erna Kotkamp provides the didactical support for the instructors
  • Sofia Dopper represents the TU Delft in the E-Merge program council

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact Erna Kotkamp.

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