Weekly tests through Blackboard

30 May 2013 by ICTO TEAM
Annetje Guedon (3mE)

Currently, the the course “Anatomy and Physiology” (BM1107) is examined at the end of the semester. Most students postpone studying until the very last moment. Because it is impossible to digest the extensive amount of study material in such a short period, many of them fail the exam.

Project description
The 4 ECTS course in the master programme of Biomedical Engineering, deals with the understanding of anatomy and physiological systems in the human body. This knowledge is required to be able to research topics or develop and design instruments in the field of biomedical engineering.
We would like to take multiple choice tests through Blackboard on a weekly basis, to motivate students to start studying early. Each test has to be finished prior to the lecture about the same topic. The average grade of all tests accounts for 20% in the final grade and should be at least a 6.

What would you like to achieve?
The goal of the weekly tests is to help students in gathering knowledge early on in the course. Hopefully this will increase the exam pass rate, which is currently rather low. 

More information

Teacher: Kirsten Henken (3mE); email: K.R.Henken@remove-this.tudelft.nl
Teacher: Jenny Dankelman (3mE); email: J.Dankelman@remove-this.TUDelft.nl
Teacher: Annetje Guedon (3mE); email: A.C.P.Guedon@remove-this.TUDelft.nl
Year: 2013-2014

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