Periodic online testing through Maple TA

30 May 2013 by ICTO TEAM
Nick van de Giesen (CEG)

Development of online exams that will be taken frequently during the BSc course “Inleiding Watermanagement” (CT3011).

Project description
The tests should allow us to test the physical and mathematical insights of students. Currently, we take written exams in which students are requested to show proof of insight by deriving formulas from underlying principles. Since derivations can follow different paths and may not be recalled from memory, the answers are complex and diverse. The challenge is to develop a similar but automated test in Maple TA, capable of processing such complex answers.

What would you like to achieve?
By offering the tests in small parts, the study load will be spread over the course. Hopefully this will lead to less pressure during the final examination period and an increase in the pass rates. 

More information

Teacher: Nick van de Giesen (CiTG); email:
Year: 2013-2014

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