Automated test and examination system

30 May 2013 by ICTO TEAM
Ronald B.J. Brinkgreve (CEG)

For the purpose of the course “Behaviour of Soils and Rocks” (CIE4361), we provide additional digital material on Blackboard. This allows students to experiment with material models for soil and rock on their own. The next step would be the development of an automated test and examination system.

Project description
Besides testing the understanding of theory, the examination system will also be used to check whether the students have the skills to actually apply the principles. This requires a set of questions to be made, comprising (small) calculations, preferably utilising random parameters. Although Blackboard provides the appropriate tools, the development and maintenance is time consuming, since the questions should be updated every year. The Grassroots grant makes it possible to appoint a (temporary) student assistant to take care of the maintenance.
In addition to the new test system, a subset of “old” questions may be used for exam preparations.

What would you like to achieve?
Promoting “active learning” and self study. The digital course material will further motivate students to delve into material models. An additional benefit of the automated exam system is the possibility of taking tests simultaneously all over Europe. Finally, the amount of time required to publish the examination results will be greatly reduced.

More information

Teacher: Ronald B.J. Brinkgreve (CEG); email: 
Year: 2013-2014

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