Education Technology

Education Technology

The Education Technology department supports and stimulates the application in ICT in education by enriching, improving and making it more efficient for instructors and students. In the period of 2011-2014, four themes serve as a starting point, namely digital assessment, online education, next generation classroom and mobile learning 

Cock Huizer

Cock is manager of the department Education Technology, coordinator of ICT in Education TU Delft, and contact on behalf of the TU Delft in the ICT in Education platform of SURF
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Ir. Meta Keijzer-de Ruijter

Meta is ICTO-advisor and project manager. She is mainly active in the area of Digital Assessment, focusing on functionality of the available software, and the security of digital exams, the way support for teachers is set up, and the organizing digital exams. In addition, she is also involved in Peer Evaluation and Peer Assessment.
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Martijn Ouwehand MSc

Martijn is advisor/project manager, and as such is closely involved in the Online Education and OpenCourseWare projects.
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Ir. Willem van Valkenburg

Willem is advisor/project manager for e.g. the OpenCourseWare  project, and is project manager of DelftX . Here, he is responsible for the project within the TU Delft and, in addition, for OpenCourseWare projects on a European scale. Furthermore, he is involved in the tender Online Distance Learning  and Mobile Learning. 
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Dr. Ing. Piet van der Zanden

Piet is advisor ICT in Education, where his main point of focus is the Next Generation Classroom , in which he is investigating how existing educational rooms can be designed flexibly, so modern educational methods can be facilitated. As project manager and researcher, Piet is involved in redecorating classrooms, virtual linking of multiple classrooms, using interactive SMART boards in combination with four quadrants, and in video conferencing systems. Occupancy and utilization of educational rooms plays an important role in these projects. Piet has written a book about this. 

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Ir. Ellen Zillig-Straatman

Ellen is functional manager of Blackboard, the TU Delft weblog system, and of Eesysoft.  Additionally, she’s investigating the possibilities of Learning Analytics  to help students improve their studying process. 
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