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About this website

On this website you can find information on various e-learning tools and the way in whcih you can effectively use these tools in the education you’re offering. ICT in Education is supported from the Education Technology department, Educational Center Focus (Dutch: OC Focus) and E-learning Support (ELS). 

OC Focus

FOCUS Centre of Expertise on Education (Dutch: OC Focus) supports instructors and faculties in their quest for proper education. The priorities of OC Focus are: professionalizing instructors, e-learning, internationalization of education and education development.  
E-mail: OCFOcus@remove-this.tudelft.nl 

E-Learning Support

E-Learning Support (ELS) offers direct support on using e-learning tools in education. ELS is available anytime ( (tel. 015 27 89194 of els@tudelft.nl) en will always help you with all your e-learning questions. 
E-mail: els@remove-this.tudelft.nl

Education Technology

The Education Technology department supports and stimulates the application in ICT in education by enriching, improving and making it more efficient for instructors and students. In the period of 2011-2014, four themes serve as a starting point, namely digital assessment, online education, next generation classroom and mobile learning 
E-mail: icto@remove-this.tudelft.nl

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