De volgende afdelingen kunnen u ondersteunen bij de inzet van ICT in het Onderwijs:

  • OC Focus
    biedt onderwijskundig advies en organiseert diverse trainingen
  • E-Learning Support
    biedt hands-on ondersteuning bij gebruik van e-learning toepassingen
  • Education Technology
    bevordert de benutting van ICT voor Onderwijs
  • New Media Centre
    biedt ondersteuning bij de productie van multimedia

ICT in Education

ICT and education are strongly interconnected. There are several possibilities to effectively and efficiently shape education. To this end, you can use several e-learning tools. On this web page you can find information on these tools, and on the way you can effectively use these tools, categorized in different themes. Apart from this, you can find hands-on information on getting started directly with a tool. 

  • Browse by educational theme
    Within several themes you can find descriptions of various educational scenario’s, in which ICT can support specific educational situations. 
  • Browse by Tool
    Have you heard of a certain ICT tool, and want to know more about it? You can find an overview of tools which are centrally supported by the TU Delft.
  • Learn from instructor’s experiences 
    Many experiences by instructors on using ICT in their educational practices are described on the project pages which are displayed here. 
  • Have a look at TU wide projects
    If you are interested in current TU wide projects where ICT and Education play an important role, you can read more about current projects here.
  • Read about ICT in Education 
    Within the TU Delft, several publications have appeared where ICT and Education play a central role. 
  • Stay informed 
    In the ICTO newsletter and through various weblogs, you can stay informed on the latest developments
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