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Peer Evaluation

Students regularly have group assignments. This largely happens outside of the supervisors’ presence. However, in order to get an idea of the collaboration within the group and the individual contributions, a teacher can decide to make use of peer evaluation.

In a peer evaluation, the group members receive a questionnaire, asking them to assess themselves and their fellow group members on a number of predetermined skills. Usually, the questionnaire is taken twice: once halfway the assignment, and once after submitting the group assignment. Based on the results of the first peer evaluation, the instructor can have a discussion with the group, and the group members can work on the received feedback in order to optimize the collaboration.

It is important to use this for improvement, and not (only) as a final evaluation. This means that the first feedback round is well before the middle of the project. Based on this, students gain insight in the way they function. At the end, another feedback round takes place.  

Which tools are available?

Scorion is an application which contains a number of questionnaires which can directly be used, but custom questionnaires can also be added. Scorion takes care of all the logistic tasks: sending the questionnaires to the right people, monitoring the completion of the questionnaire, generating and sending reports. 

Want to know more?

Read the do's en don'ts. Scorion is the system used by the TU Delft which takes care of the logistics. Jolien Ubacht on peer evaluation in projects.


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