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Homework assignments

An important factor in improving the success rate of students is that students continuously, actively process the material during the course. Educational research shows that making short (self) tests during the studying of the material is a very effective and efficient learning method (Roediger and Karpicke,2006). Creating tests requires the student to recollect the material from their memory, which improves the long term learning effect.  Recollecting the material is practiced in the best way when open questions are asked, which require a short answer. The feedback towards the students consists of giving the correct answer. 

In giving homework assignments it is important to monitor these well. Have a look at the section on Monitoring progress within a course

Which tools are available?

Tests, Survey's and Pools module by Brightspace. This module in Brightspace is suitable for question-answer tests 

MapleTA. his tool is suitable for question-answer tests and can be used outside of Brightspace. Similar to  Tests, Survey's and Pools module by Brightspace Brightspace, it is suitable for creating and offering practice tests.

Assignment in Brightspace. Here, students can hand in an assignment in Brightspace by uploading a document. To detect plagiarism, the Safe Assign  module can be used.

Adaptive Release within Brightspace can make sure the homework assignments become visible at the right time for a certain student or group of students. For instance after watching a video, but also in making a homework assignment, a subsequent section can be made visible. 



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