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Digital exams

Digital exams can be used for testing knowledge (entrance tests), exercise for the student (mid-terms), as well as exams (finals). A digital test can support different question types. Here, it is important that the question type matches the type of knowledge you want to test.
A digital assessment application like Maple TA gives roughly the following possibilities: creating, saving and resuing questions from a repository, variety in question types, variety in test questions per student, automatic assessment, feedback possibility and analysis possibilities. Have a look under ‘Want to know more?’,  for a pdf with a more extensive discussion of this. 

Which tool is available?

Taking digital assessments with MapleTA is possible on the whole campus. It has extensive possibilities for mathematical questions. The exam is offered in a secured environment , so that it is only accessible from the exam room (under supervision). Furthermore, students cannot open applications or communicate through online tools. It is possible, after consulting with ICT to,  make specific application s other than Maple TA available, which students are allowed to use during the exam.

Sonate  is an alternative to Maple TA if the exam consists only of multiple choice questions. This test is taken with paper and pencil. Students fill in their answers on standardized answer forms. These forms are then scanned, and the system calculates the item- and test quality. 


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