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Recording lectures and publishing online

Online lecture re-run, or as reference

From various studies and practical experiences, it turns out that recording a lecture can be important for various reasons. One important function of a recorded lecture is that it serves as a reference. Students can replay a lecture where the image, sound and possible slides of the instructor are clearly visible. Especially in preparing for exams the online lecture is very much appreciated and intensively used by students. Form experience it turns out that recording and online publishing of lectures does not influence the number of students present at the actual lecture.

It is also possible to record a lecture and directly live-broadcast it.  Students who are not able to physically attend the lecture for whichever reason, still have the opportunity to view the lecture live. 

Online lecture for self-study

Apart from that, a lecture can also be recorded with the aim to treat basic concepts. Students are supposed view this lecture before coming to a seminar or lecture. Online lectures which are used in this way, can also be recorded in a studio and be edited afterwards. The advantage of using online lectures in this way is that the time available for face-to-face contact can be used for more in-depth treatment of the material, and student-instructor interaction.  

Online lecture for in depth treatment

Even when there is little amount of education time available to highlight certain subjects, brief and clear lectures covering these subjects can be recorded. In this way you can offer additional broadening or deepening material. Of course you can also accentuate challenging subjects that were discussed in the lecture. 

Which tools are available?

Collegerama: recording a lecture within the TU Delft is done with Collegerama. In a Collegerama recording, both the speaker and the Powerpoint sheets are simultaneously recorded and displayed. Apart from functioning as a reference, it is also possible to live-broadcast events. 

Brightspace Collaborate: using Blackboard Collaboratie, short video recordings can be created. For a concrete application, have a look under Video instructions. For recording small bits in a studio, the studio of Multimedia Services  can accommodate you.

iTunes U This is not a tool to record videos, but can be used next to Brightspace or the Collegerama website to publish the video. The fact that these publications are globally available under a Creative Commons license must be taken into account however. 

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